Long Term Disability Insurance is available to members of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). Applicants must be under age 65, working a minimum of 20 hours per week, and residing in Canada.

Medical Evidence

Medical Evidence of good health is required when applying for benefits.  Applicants must therefore complete a medical questionnaire along with the Application form.  If further information is required, applicants will be notified.

Effective Date

Coverage becomes effective on the first of the month following approval of your application.

Amount of Coverage

Coverage is calculated at 66.67% of the first $2,750 and 40% of exceeding salary. Coverage is available in units of $100 from a minimum monthly benefit of $500 to a maximum of $8,000, depending on your income.

Benefit Period

If a CVMA member becomes disabled at age 63 or after, benefits are payable for a maximum of 24 months, provided that the member remains disabled during such period and without exceeding the age of 70

Elimination Period

This is the period of time during which you must be totally disabled before benefits begin. You may select one of the following elimination periods: 30 or 90 consecutive days.

Waiver of Premium

One-twelfth of your annual premium will be waived for each month you receive disability benefits.

Definition of Total Disability

You will be considered to be totally disabled as long as you are under the care of a physician and unable to perform the regular duties of your pre-disability occupation and you are not engaged in any other gainful occupation.

Transplant Donor/Cosmetic Surgery

Disabilities due to cosmetic surgery or as the result of being a transplant donor are covered as a sickness after the coverage has been in force for six months.

Recurrent Disability

If you return to work but become disabled again within six months from the same or related cause, it shall be treated as the continuation of the same disability and benefits would resume.

Presumptive Disability

If you suffer a total and irrevocable loss of speech, hearing, or use of two limbs, you will be entitled to full benefits whether or not you are gainfully employed or under a care of a physician.