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Student & Graduate Insurance Program

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Student & Graduate Insurance Program - Application Form

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The CVMA has designed a Student & Graduate Insurance Program that will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Whether in the classroom or out in the field, take comfort in knowing you’re protected.

The Student & Graduate Insurance Program offers Life and Disability Insurance to students in all years one to four of study, as well as graduates until they become a CVMA member.

Each student who is a member of the Insurance Program pays an annual premium for the coverage. The premiums you pay depend on three factors: your age, gender, and smoking status.




Life Insurance


Pays a lump sum to your named beneficiary if you die while insured under this Program.

Accidental Death


Pays an additional, equal benefit to your beneficiary if your death is the result of an accident.

Long Term Disability

$2,000 monthly benefit

Pays a monthly benefit to you should you become disabled due to an injury or illness.


  • Applicants must be under age 65 and residing in Canada
  • Students must be registered full-time in the Program; Graduates must apply within the first 90 days after graduation from Veterinary College
  • 90 day waiting period

Medical Evidence

No medical evidence is required.

Pre-Existing Conditions

No benefits will be paid during the first 2 years for any condition that required treatment or medical care during the 24 months prior to the effective date of coverage.

Effective Date

Coverage becomes effective on the first of the month following approval of your application.

Principal Features of This Plan

  • Competitive Premium Rates with male/female and smoker/non-smoker designations
  • Conversion Privileges for Life Insurance
  • May be used as Mortgage Protection

The Cost

The rates are equal to that of the CVMA member rates and vary based on your age, gender and smoking status. The premium changes as you enter a new age bracket. Premiums are payable on the 1st of the month via pre-authorized bank deduction. Rates are reviewed on a yearly basis, each May 1st, and you will be advised in advance of any necessary rate changes.

CVMA Student & Graduate Insurance Program





















































*LTD terminates at age 65.

Living Benefit

Is payable during the lifetime of the insured upon approval by the insurance company. You may request up to 25% of your Life Insurance amount. This applies if you are diagnosed with an illness that will result in death during the 12 months following the date of diagnosis.


You may convert the Life Insurance benefit without Evidence of Insurability within 31 days of the termination of your certificate to an Individual Life Policy currently available at the prevailing rates for that Individual Policy provided:

  • You are under the age of 65, and
  • The converted Life Insurance amount is not more than $25,000

NOTE: This summary is intended to provide a brief description of the benefits available under the CVMA Insurance Program and does not create or confer any rights. The exact terms and conditions of your benefits are outlined in the Certificate of Insurance provided upon acceptance. Some restrictions and/or limitations may apply to the benefits mentioned above. Please contact Group Insurance Solutions for full details.


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