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Employee Benefits

Group Insurance Solutions represents thousands of businesses and many associations across Canada. The foundation of our success is based on providing the right products, pricing, service, and rate stability that is unique within the marketplace. We are very proud of our partnership with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and it is our goal to provide as much value as possible to member clinics.

Often, firms that are part of traditional employee benefits programs with large insurance companies are paying high premiums for too little coverage and are subject to substantial fluctuations in rates. The structure of our program allows our insured clinics to benefit from rate stability, cost effectiveness, administrative efficiencies, flexibility in plan choice, and strength in numbers.

Features & Benefits

Premium Savings: Due to TotalGUARD's unique structure, we can provide your business with an immediate reduction in premiums for equivalent coverages.

Rate Stability: Stability is generated by spreading claims over the entire pool.

Program Flexibility: Member clinics will now have many different coverage options to choose from.

Online Direct Invoicing/Billing: Massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors may invoice claim payment service provider Green Shield Canada direct, avoiding any out of pocket expenses.

Pay-Direct Drug/Dental Card: All insured persons will receive this automatic payment card, which is like a credit card that insured persons can use for their drugs and dental services, to prevent having to pay up front and then applying for reimbursement. Insureds are required merely to pay the amount of co-insurance at the time of purchase/service.

Administration and Service

We coordinate all levels of administration including:

  • Assistance with applications and forms at enrolment
  • Daily administration - additions, deletions, changes in coverage
  • Claims processing
  • Dedicated Life and Health department, producing all billings, booklets, and certificates

We provide the following to our clients:

  • Online Administration
  • 24-hour message centre for inquiries
  • Pay-direct drug cards on all plans
  • Electronic transfer of dental claims
  • Administrative support


Detailed billings showing premium breakdown on a per member and per coverage basis are provided monthly. Payment is made through pre-authorized chequing for your convenience.

Process and Support

Group Insurance Solutions provides each client with all the steps involved in program implementation and ongoing support. Each group will be supplied with an administration kit including information about the plan, claim forms and all personal articles (wallet card, pay direct drug card, and travel health card). We assist both the employer and individual employees with the completion of the applicable forms to be submitted.


Group Insurance Solutions


Canadian Veterinary Medical Association